Mr Sommerville Update

Mr Sommerville :

Noticed a big difference in this horse’s coat since I saw a few weeks back. Looking very good!

Click on the link below for a look at Mr Sommerville’s work yesterday morning at Flemington.

The password for this clip is DANZERO and is case sensitive.

From Troy Corstens at Malua Racing:

Morning Guys. John is keen to trial this bloke tomorrow week here at Flemington. Once we get that out of the way and come through it well we will then be ready to hit the track again with him. I will get more details of the trial out to you Thursday next week.

– Troy

Mr Sommerville Progress (updated)

Mr. Sommerville: Saw him work this morning at 7.00 am at Flemington, light trotting work over 2 circuits of the track, he will have a jump out tomorrow, that is a trial with other horses over 800m. out of the gates. John Sadler has said it will be a “soft” trial where the horse will not be pushed out to win, all part of the training process to head towards the races down the track.
Below are some pics from this morning, John loves this horse and the photo shows, standing along side taking the pic certainly confirms this trainer’s great affection for the animal. Amazing how horses relate and give back.
I never tire of watching these beautiful creatures and their repore with humans.

Bryan Martin

UPDATED 13/9/13

Mr. Sommerville trialled in the jumpout at Flemington, not much to report really, over 800m with Jamie Mott aboard the horse came out of the gate very well, quite fresh, Mott eased him to the back of the 6 runners and virtually let him canter around. Jamie was very happy with the horse and the horse’s action. So it was a soft trial as mentioned yesterday.
2 weeks from now Mr S will have a similar trial but will be asked to do more and then he should be ready for the races. No video coverage this morning, nothing to see but it will be different in a fortnight.

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Bryan catches up with Troy Corstens

Please find below this afternoon’s audio update with Malua Racing’s TROY CORSTENS:

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Tokugawa Update

Brad Spicer sent through an update on new stable horse, TOKUGAWA:

Hi Guys,

Tokugawa will start pre-training at Simon O’Donnell’s pre training property ‘Wingara’, at the base of some picturesque hills in Kilmore today.

He will do all his slow muscle building work there for around 6-7 weeks ,up and down bush scaped hills, this builds horses up behind .It’s a great advantage building strong hindquarters and it also is fantastic for the mental status ,as they do their work on a track which is tree scaped .Once we are happy with his shape he will come into Leon’s where he will start some more serious gallops.

I will shoot through an update in 2-3 weeks’ time once he has a chance to settle in.

Cheers guys.

Brad Spicer